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The Chilli Lover

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The Chilli Lover
The Chilli Lover

The Chilli Lover

£87.50 inc p&p

From gentle, smokey warmth to a chilli heatwave, we'll tingle your tongue with our chilli lover's choices: -

  • South Devon Chilli Farm 'One Pot' Chilli Growing Kit
  • South Devon Chilli Farm Bhut Jolokia Extreme Sauce 100ml
  • South Devon Chilli Farm Drinking Choc 250g
  • South Devon Chilli Farm Extreme Chilli Choc 100g
  • Kernow Chocolate Chilli and Lime Choc 100g
  • Cornish Chilli Co Chilli Jam 225g
  • Bad Boy Gift Tube
  • Burts Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps 40g x 2
  • Cornish Ketchup Co Chilli Ketchup 250ml
  • Cornish Chilli Co Hummingbird Dipping Sauce 225ml
  • Cornish Chilli Co Red Snapper Chilli sauce 225ml
  • South Devon Chilli Farm Smokey Chipotle Salsa 240g
  • Cornish Sea Salt Chilli Pinch Pot 55g
  • Portlebay Popcorn Chilli and Lime 25g x 2

Approach with extreme caution - we cannot be held responsible for the extreme blast your tastebuds are about to receive..!