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The Chocolate Lover

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The Chocolate Lover
The Chocolate Lover

The Chocolate Lover

£55.00 inc p&p

A divine selection of melt in the mouth chocolate hits, from the silky smooth to the surprisingly spicy: -

  • Chocolarder Sea Salt Caramel Truffles 6 pack
  • Chocolarder Javan Milk Bar 70g
  • South Devon Chilli Farm Drinking Chocolate 250g
  • South Devon Chilli Farm Extreme Chilli Chocolate 100g
  • Kernow Chocolate Dark 70% 100g
  • Kernow Chocolate Banoffee 100g
  • Kernow Chocolate White 100g
  • Furniss Dark Chocolate Gingers 160g
  • Furniss Clotted Cream Shortbread with Chocolate 200g
  • Simply Cornish Chocolate Chip Shortbread 200g
  • Roskilly's Assorted Chocolate Coated Fudge 100g
  • Littlepod Chocolate Extract 100ml

Guaranteed to appeal to the devotee of all things chocolate...