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Truffles a taste of luxury.

Truffles are synonymous with luxury and used in high end restaurants throughout the world. Pound for pound they are one of the most expensive foods in the world. Truffles are expensive due to the high demand and the low yield. The finest truffles are those found naturally in woodland locations and are not cultivated. Add on the cost of training and keeping a dog or swine to hunt the truffle, the time taken to carefully extract the truffle from the ground and the fast transportation cost makes the delicacy a highly prized product.
In 2014 a 4.16 pound white truffle dubbed the “World’s Largest’ sold as Sotheby’s auction house for $61,250.

What are Truffles?

A truffle is a fruiting body of a fungus which grows underground at the base of several trees. The truffle grows in symbiosis with a host tree by enabling the tree to take in phosphorus and in return the truffle receives sugars helping it to grow. Historically, female pigs were the original truffle seekers as they have an innate ability to sniff out truffles. However, the problem with pigs seeking truffles is, they do not want to give the product back and would eat the truffle. In comparison, dogs ask for a treat from their handler in return for finding the truffle. Dogs are trained to smell out the truffle which is then unearthed with a portion being put back in the ground which acts as a spore and repopulate.

The majority of wild truffles are harvested from forest locations in France, Italy, Croatia and China however, it is possible to find truffles in areas in England over chalk or limestone and the Pacific Northwest in the United States.

Luxury Truffle Hamper.

We have teamed up with Truffle Hunter to put together a luxury hamper that contains a selection of truffle based products that will impress and add a touch of luxury to any occasion.

The Hamper contains;
Truffle Hunter Oil Gift Set 3 x 100ml - Stunning gift set containing 3 100ml Truffle Oils (White, Black and English), Each bottle contains Truffle shavings.
Truffle Hunter Black Truffle Salt 100g - A high quality chunky sea salt expertly infused with black summer Truffles.
Truffle Hunter Black Truffle and Porcini Salsa 50g- A powerful Truffle and mushroom flavour, made from finely chopped Black Truffles & Porcini Mushrooms, cooked in top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Truffle Hunter White Truffle Honey 60g - A premium acacia Honey infused with the finest White Truffles.
Truffle Hunter Truffle Mustard Mayonnaise 180g - A favourite of top chefs worldwide, this premium mayonnaise is infused with black summer truffles.
Truffle Hunter Tagliatelle 250g - Italian Tagliatelle Pasta infused with Black Truffles.
Truffle Hunter Porcini Risotto 300g - All you need to make a delicious Porcini Risotto.

Luxury Truffle Hamper