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Twelve Fantastic Cornish Beers and Ales

Lovers of Cornish Beer and Ale have a huge choice when it comes to independent breweries. There are independent brewers with a passion for their craft scattered throughout the county from The Cornish Chough in Mullion to St Austell Brewery in St Austell.

With all this choice it can be difficult to know where to start. Our Malt & Hops Hamper has been created to appeal to seasoned ale enthusiasts and those looking to sample some of the best offerings, taking you on a taste experience which is as varied as the Cornish landscape in which these breweries are located.

Cornish Beers & Ales from throughout the county.

The Cornish Chough brewery is the most southerly brewery in Cornwall (and the UK). Owners Neil Rowe and Tim Birchmore use the very best ingredients available and water drawn from their own borehole between two seams of Serpentine rock. This uniqueness of source gives these ales their own distinct flavour. We have chosen the following three for this hamper.

Cornish Chough Cadgwith Crabber 4.3% 500ml. This beautifully balanced premium golden beer has citrusy undertones and a clean refreshing taste.

Cornish Serpentine Bitter 4% 500ml. A light ruby beer it has a big malty nose a bitter sweet palate and a balanced finish of rich malt and tangy hops.

Cornish Chough Kynance Blonde 4.2% 500ml. A well balanced malt and hop aroma with a crisp palate with a crisp palate and a stringent roundness of flavour.

Moving inland, for our next brewery we have Redruth based Keltek. Since 1997 Keltek has been brewing award winning ales and bitters. Each of these hand brewed Cornish beers pays tribute to the county's Celtic heritage and celebrate the legendary tale of King Arthur.

Keltek Lance 4% 500ml. Refreshing golden ale with light citrus and hoppy accents, gentle fruit flavour and a hint of caramel.

Keltek Magik 4% 500ml. Traditional bitter full flavoured balanced malt and hops with a gentle bitterness.

Keltek King 5.1% 500ml. An exceptionally balanced premium bitter with a long lasting powerful flavour of hops with a pleasant bitterness and citrus notes.

As the name suggests Lizard Ales are based on the stunning Lizard Peninsula. Since 2004 they have being producing a range of cask and bottled real ales in an old nuclear bunker, in what was formerly RAF Treleaver.

Lizard Ales Horseshoe 6.2% 500ml. This strong, rich, dark brew is matured in the cool of the bunker for several months.

Lizard Ales Frenchman's Creek 4.8% 500ml. A pale amber coloured ale with a sweet flavour and floral aroma. 

Lizard Ales Kernow Gold 3.7% 500ml. Refreshing fruity flavoured golden ale with a fruity flavour.

Looking over St Austell Bay is St Austell Brewery. Since Walter Hicks founded the company in 1851 brewing fine ales and beers has been at the heart of their business.

St Austell Tribute 4.2% 500ml. One of the most popular beers in the country this Pale ale has fresh fruity tastes of orange and grapefruit and an aroma of tropical fruit.

St Austell Proper Job 5.5% 500ml. Giving an authentic IPA a modern twist, brewed with Cornish spring water and a single malt. Voted the South West's Champion Golden Ale and Champion Bottled Beer by CAMRA in 2013.

St Austell Korev 4.8% 500ml. Inspired by Cornwall's landscape and the Cornish lifestyle, Korev has a wonderful pale colour with a clean crisp taste. With delicate herbal aromas with a hint of honey.